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A Short History Of Looking And Being Looked At - Parts 1 to 5 (2004-2007)

Taking the lives of five different women this work presented a biography of each through their appearances on magazine covers.

Each part showed a journey: whether it was glamour model Jordan's reincarnation as Katie Price, or Martine McCutcheon's move from popular soap actress to floundering celebrity. I wanted to use unlikely subjects to show a narrative arc, to think about how the passage of time reveals our lives; how we appear to others, how others perceive us.

69 magazine covers featuring Jordan/Katie Price

Part 1: Jordan/Katie Price

Part 2: Jayne Mansfield

Part 3: Ginger Spice/Geri Halliwell

Part 4: Martine McCutcheon

Part 5: Catherine Zeta Jones

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