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50 5 x 7 photographic prints


Whilst employed at Waterstone’s, Charing Cross Road, I took individual photographs of every member of staff who was also in employment there in the first two weeks of November 1996. This included everyone from the manager of the store to the security guard. There were fifty employees, plus me. Each photo had the individual’s name printed and stuck on the photo and then all the photos were mounted onto a wall in a staff-only area of the shop and exhibited to the staff for a month. (see also Private)





“It is November 1996. I am working at Waterstone’s, Charing Cross Road. These people work here too.”

The people working at the shop at that time were (in no particular order):


Esther Porter

Niamh Marnham

Robbie Telfer

Alison Hilton

Yasmin Keyani

Richard Calvert

Chaya Bernstein

Jeffrey Holman

Tim Morgan

Ian Brereton

Mike Targett

Liz Foody

Paul Costello

Pete Tomlinson

Carl Newbrook

Fran Sandham

Stuart Bartholomew

Alex Quaye

Karina Horitz

Wendy Lomas

Alan Stepney

Alan Cracknell

Alister Babb

Kathy Cahill

Michael Clarke

Matt McPartland

Alison Young

Jonathan Dredge

Kate Dunne

Susannah Godman

Martin Jenkins

Sam Casey

Simon Youngs

Jeremy Dyson

Sue Crossley

Fiona Ellis

Lizzy Gayton

Francesca Benedetti

Cyril Ramsay

Ruth Stapleton

Jessica Heward

Chris Jones

Jelena Poderegin

Heidi Pope

Simon Key

Katrine Herian

Garin Dowd

Grahame Martin

Malina Saric

Rachel Bailey

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