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THE OPENS: submitted; accepted; rejected

A series of works produced to fulfill the criteria for open exhibitions and submitted (and then subsequently accepted or rejected)


Produced for the show 'Stick, Stamp. Fly' at Gasworks (2007) this poster reimagines a band named RUSSELL HERRON which held its first gig in the same location, and on the same date, as the fabled first gig by The Sex Pistols. 


A series of designs for paintings which would never be painted. 'Small Painting' (Red) was selected for the Marmite Prize for Painting in 2008. It was produced, and exhibited, as an ink jet print mounted on aluminium.

NEW WORK (2008)

pvc banner


In 2009 Cecilia Wee commissioned me, and 29 other artists, to make a piece for her 30th birthday. The piece cost £30 to produce. It used 30 letters to spell out the text. 


I was invited to produce a piece of work for the show Trash Vortex which took place in Hackney Wick. I removed a sign on a door and had it reproduced with my name and then replaced it onto the door.

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