OBJECTS (2012 - ongoing)

Found Object + Household Paint + Title = Work

I Had A Rich Husband, Beautiful Children, A Fabulous Career. But I Was Doomed To A Life Of Self Destruction

How Can A Young Woman Vanish Without Leaving A Single Clue Behind?

Valerie Wanted To Be A Great Writer

What Is A Liquid?

A Broken Home At 5, Anorexic At 8, Sex At 12, Drugs At 13, Nude Pin-Up At 19, TV Star At 22, Unwed Mum At 23, Divorced At 36, Dead At 41

The Greatest Painter The World Had Ever Known

She Lived Her Life With Relentless Fearlessness

Paris in the 1920s and 30s

Even Your Best Friends Are Doing It

Yummy Mummy

Woman Refusing A Plate Of Food

Yummy Mummy 2

58% Don't Want Pershing

Consider The Role You Yourself Are Playing In Maintaining Your Problem

He Was Accessible And Democratic

As The War Continued, Protests Began To Grow

She Felt Unloved And Unwanted

Why Did This Happen? We Do Not Know.

Your Voice; The Way You Turned In Your Sleep

Where There Is Hatred, Let Me Sow Love; Where There Is Discord, Harmony; Where There Is Injury, Pardon; Where There Is Error, Truth; Where There Is Doubt, Faith; Where There Is Despair, Hope; Where There Is Darkness, Light; Where There Is Sadness, Joy’

They Were An Unlikely Couple

The Split Second Decision That Changes Your Life Forever

Thursday Afternoon

The Sun Rises In The Morning

This Concerns A Person, A Tree, A Teapot. Smiles, Food, Flowers, Friends

This Is What The Brain Of A Healthy Person Looks Like

The Early Stages (private collection)

She Lives In Our Minds As The Brat Pack Sweetheart We All Fell In Love With. But What’s Happened To Molly Ringwald Since Those Breakfast Club Days?

I've Moved Around A Lot In My Life

She Continued To Battle Against Her Addictions Until Her Death

He Wanted To Be Noticed And Not Noticed At The Same Time

Capgras Syndrome

Have We Become A More Civilised Society With Less Hypocrisy, Intolerance And Repressiveness, Or Have We Become Less Civilised With Moral Standards Undermined And Young People Confused?’

The Girl From Space

Christopher Eccelston Has Always Felt Happiest In Difficult, Angsty Roles

A Young Woman Lacks Direction In Her Career And Is Becoming Increasingly Unsure Of Herself

You Can Have Me Any Way You Want Me