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I AM EVERYWHERE (1996 - 1999)

Starting out as a sticker, the I AM EVERYWHERE project grew into a worldwide exchange between artist and audience. People were encouraged to acquire stickers, stick them up and send photos back to the artist. This was before online social networking sites (before most people had websites) and the distribution was helped by media coverage. Some of the distribution and photography was taken up by participants of Mail Art who were a very pro-active community. By the end of the project over 20,000 stickers had been produced.

SR's I AM EVERYWHERE Magazine was produced (entirely on Microsoft Word) and distributed through shops and mail. It ran for three issues (each approximately 100 copies) and featured interviews with other artists, photos of stickers sent in from around the world, a letters page and other SR related subjects.

The Independent, March 1998

Selected envelopes

Selected sticker photos

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